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A Never Ending Story? What Is the Meaning of Life?
One of the major questions on the lips of those in search of a spiritual life is this? What IS the meaning of life? Quite simply put the meaning of life is to give your life some meaning.
In order to explain this essential awareness it may be prudent to first point out that life is eternal in that the spirit that is you occupies a physical body whilst incarnated on the Earth school. That physical body has certain limitations and an expiry date, which means that like all good vehicles it needs to be looked after, maintained, and enjoyed. Whilst looking after it you should strongly consider never putting oneself in a position of danger either mentally or physically including acts towards others. Good maintenance means keeping the body cleansed of all that which lowers it's vibration or causes it to under-perform, keeping it active, and in peak condition, and avoiding all that which erodes the physical or mental aspects. By enjoying your body you are experiencing all that God has given us to experience, all of the joy of creation. There lies the true meaning of the meaning of life in a physical body. If you imagine a physical body to be akin to a spacesuit-that your spirit needs to experience the heavy vibrations of Earth in, then you may understand why we need to inhabit a physical "body". 
So why do we choose to come here, to the Earth school, in a physical body? The Soul has an innate hunger to learn and by experiencing a physical life on Earth can prove valuable to the Soul if the life is used to the full and not wasted.
So what happens once the physical body expires? The spirit decided to leave the physical vehicle at the perfect point so that any transition back to the spirit world is as comfortable as possible. Depending on where the spirit decides to go to will depend on what that spirit needs in order to make the transition more easier. For example if they need rest or care then they will go to a spirit hospital or resting place, prior to moving on.
It is true to say that those in the spirit world create a world and experience by their thoughts, which means that they will live in wonderful spirit houses, cities, or other places dependant upon their needs. They will also gravitate towards certain spiritual spheres of existence that their evolvement dictates. This world is also inhabited by spirit animals and is much the same as any place on earth, albeit in a much safer and blissful way.