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About Us

The founder of I AM Healing with Angels is Alan Payne who was born in Birmingham, England and who continues to live and work in the UK.
 From an early age he knew he had certain "abilities" but didn't quite realise, as probably most children don't, what these so called gifts entailed. Life conditions forced these abilities to lay dormant or un-noticed until about 1982 when he was drawn to learn the Japanese art of Karate which in turn led onto re-discovering spirituality via the martial arts. Gradually, and through years of hard martial arts practice Alan eventually was eventually opened up to the world of the Divine who we all really are.
 Alan still practices various martial arts to this very day, and is an established Reiki Master Teacher, psychic, and Light energy worker.
Alan's philosophy is that we are all Creator energy therefore are all able to re-open our own Creator given gifts or abilities and attract the reality that we desire. It is Alan's belief that no one is any more gifted than anyone else but some are more adept than others at using their Creator given abilities, but all are able to perform as good as the next (wo)man given the right amount of time, dedication, and guidance. 
In order to reawaken to one's abilities Alan believes that we need to be reminded of who we really are, then apply the spiritual Laws that govern the Universe in our own physical lives. Not one of us are unable to realign ourselves with our inner being or Divinity.
This website will sign-post you to those sources of information that may help you so that you can co-create and re-empower yourself.
Alan therefore dedicates this website to you it's reader as a source of FREE information that will not cost you the seeker anything other than your time and open-mindedness to access.
"Trust your own intuition whilst remembering who you really are, the Divine Creator. Look within to find yourself. Peace and blessings to all. Namaste."