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Introduction to Divine Beings

This page used to be named "an introduction to the Angels and Ascended Masters, however as time has gone by and my own knowledge and understanding evolved, it has led me to discover a truer understanding of what constitutes a Divine Being.

Before I go on to explain what are Divine Beings, let me just reassure my readers out there that no one was more believing of Angels and Ascended Masters than me, so what's changed?

The answer is "I have" and to be able to get your head around what a Divine Being is you merely have to open your mind to the all that there is and remember who we all are.

So what is a Divine Being? Look in the mirror, it's you, and me, and every other Soul, and animal. We are all a part of the Divine, without exception.

For those of you who were guided to this page to read about Angels and Ascended Masters, don't give up hope because THEY EXIST, but in their pure energetic forms just like we do when we're not in our physical form. And they don't refer to themselves as Angels or Ascended Masters like our man-made folklore have labelled them. They are Divine energy. Most of them are the powerful beings you believe them to be, indeed they would probably show themselves to you as you understand them to (like an angelic winged presence), and if they share the same interests as you do you and you show the correct positive intent then you are able to attract them to you.

Rest assured if you do happen to call upon these benevolent and positive extensions of Source energy then that is exactly what you will get.

Since there is NO such thing as an evil being then, provided your emotions and thoughts are not fearful and negative then you will not link in with any fear based energy or thought-form that you have manifested, therefore you do not need to worry or think about protection when connecting with the Divine.

As with all Divine beings, including your deceased relatives, once we have passed over we re-emerge with our powerful positive all that there is. These beings no longer need to worry or take any part in any fear-based activity (such as haunting or scaring people) as they have no energetic need to do so. If you experience any activity of a fearful nature (items being thrown around, making scary noises, etc etc as seen on certain TV Shows that make money from broadcasting it) then the energy that is being connected with is not Divine Source. It is more likely to be residual thought-form energy created by humans. 

If All Living Beings are Divine and There is No Evil then Why Do We See and Hear About Scary Haunting or Noises?

As you will read in the spiritual Law of Attraction, all thoughts are powerful forms of energy which can manifest what you want (or do not want) quite quickly depending on how the thoughts are added to. These thought-form energies do not go away and can be picked up upon by the psychic senses that we all possess. Therefore if a sensitive person immerses themselves in an area that contains these thought-forms then they can interpret these energies wrongly as a discarnate Soul misbehaving, and from the fear that it produces add to the negative energy by fuelling it. In reality it can do no harm unless you "want" it to by interacting with it.

 Likewise some psychics when "reading" a person can pick up on these thought-form energies from the person being read and believe them to be messages from a deceased Soul when in fact it might be anything but the positive Divine soul they now are, but instead some stuck old energy that the Soul used to be resident in their "live" relative.

So, for example, you decide to attend an old medieval prison for a ghost hunt, and you go into the dark and dingy cells and pick up on the pain and suffering of those that were incarcerated there. You wrongly assume that the poor tortured Souls that were sent there are still there haunting those that come to visit. You are actually picking up on the prisoners, or prison officials misguided thought-forms that are still resident there and not the Divine Souls that have been released back to all that there is. Do you really believe they would want to give up their perfect Divine surroundings to live in a prison again??


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