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Vibrational Healing & Ascension



  1. Will Reiki heal me of any illness?

    Reiki works on a subtle level and goes where it is needed most. It can never cause harm. You may, for example, go to a Reiki healer with a sore toe, have Reiki healing, but your toe still feels sore. However your bad back which you have had for years has got better. The Universal Law of Attraction however teaches us that we create our reality, so the person receiving the Reiki MUST desire to be receive the Reiki energy and be healed. Universal Laws dictate that free-will, will not be superseded therefore.

  2. Can anyone learn to be a Reiki Healer?

    Yes. All that you need is to be open to receiving the energies, and be willing to use them with the correct intent.

  3. How is Reiki given?

    The client makes a conscious decision to want to be healed and seeks out the healer. The Reiki Healer will agree to the meeting (or distance healing) and make firm decisions to work with the client so that the healing is already successful. If a physical meeting is required the client will be invited to sit down with the healer and before any healing takes place will answer any questions that the client has and exchange questions and answers. The Healer will explain what to expect and ascertain any physical, mental, or emotional issues that the client is experiencing. The Healing may then take place by means of lying the client down on a couch (face up or face down), or sat in a chair, whichever is more comfortable for the client. The Healer may play relaxing music, burn insence and generally provide a nice relaxing environment for the healing to take place in. The Healer may request that the client closes their eyes and just enjoyes the experience. The actual healing may involve the Healer moving around the client, placing their hands on or over the client on various non-intimate body parts, or utlise other healing methods such as sound/ vibration/ crystal healing

  4. Is Reiki healing expensive?

    A healing can last up to an hour, maybe longer. You are paying the Healer for their time and energy exchange with you. Prices can vary from Healer and can be anything up to 30-40 per healing. When choosing a healer go with your gut feeling as to whether it is right for you.

  5. Does it cost much to learn Reiki?

    Again, prices differ from Reiki Master to Reiki Master, but the average price is about £300 for Degree 1&2 (Practitioner Level), and up to £500 for Master Teacher level.

  6. Can Reiki be used on Animals or Plants?

    Yes. Animals and Plants react very well to Reiki. A small animal may not like too much Reiki and may find it overpowering. They may want to leave as soon as they have had enough, however Reiki can never cause harm. The healer must respect the animals wishes and not force them to take part. I would suggest that you mentally ask the animal/ plant/ entity for it's permission to give them healing first then react to the message that is given back from them.

  7. How long does a Reiki Course last?

    A Degree 1&2 course is taught together at I AM Healing With Angels and will last 3 days.

    Master Teacher level will last up to 4 days.

    Check with the Reiki Master prior to the course as schools may differ.

  8. Who should I learn Reiki with?

    Only a qualified Reiki Master can pass authentic Reiki healing on to a student by an attunement process that can only be done in person. That Reiki Master will be able to prove their lineage back to Mikao Usui who was the founder of Reiki. Choose wisely and use your gut instinct when selecting a Reiki Master to learn from.

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  1. Why meditate?

     Meditation is an inobtrusive, no expense, period of personal quiet time which any person can access. It can have many physical, mental, and emotional benefits which include an increase in personal peace, spirituality, emotional and mental well-being, as well as attracting an increase in general positivity in ones life. Meditation, like sleep, is the unconditional love that you give to yourself in order to be at one with your non-physical Creator-self

  2. My life is too busy. How can I find time to meditate?

     Meditation can take as little as a few minutes to an hour or so, should you wish. If you have time to worry, then you have time to meditate.

  3. How do I meditate?

     It's as easy as taking yourself to a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed, blocking out any distractions such as switching off the mobile phone, lighting a candle and or some insense, and quietening the mind. It takes a little practice to become proficient.

  4. What if I have a bad experience or something happens that I don't understand?

    Meditation done by an experienced meditator, or under proper conditions should always result in a wonderfully uplifing experience. We all have to start somewhere and it is recommended that you seek out an experienced teacher should you wish to start meditating. It is also very important only to meditate when feeling mentally ready, and in peaceful, protected surroundings, and with someone to help you ground yourself once you have finished. It is perfectly ok for a person who knows what they are doing to meditate on their own. If you do not have anyone to meditate with you then ensure that all of the above personal protections are put into place first, select a peaceful space where you can close your eyes in-disturbed for about 15 minutes, close your eyes, and listen to your breathing. Take your time to listen to your body and breathing, try not to take part in your thoughts just let them float on by. If you feel uncomfortable then open your eyes, assimilate the information, and try again some other time. If you decide to carry on then just enjoy the silence and conscious choice just to be! When you feel ready then open your eyes and take your time to go about your day in peace. Everyone is unique. There is no bad experience only one that will demonstrate the contrast of your existence.

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Angels, Ascended Masters, and the Spirit World

  1. Do Spirits exist?

    We believe that there is no death and life goes on after so called physical death. Just as there are different levels of intelligence in the physical world, so there are also different levels of being in the non-physical Realms. We are all non-physical Beings in a physical body, and once you shed this physical body you will reside in the non-physical realm once more and be every much the Soul that you once were (and far more). So rest assured that all of your relations, friends, animals, and all things living will be existing in the non-physical realms awaiting your return.

  2. Can anyone be psychic and see Spirits?

    It is my view that everyone (including animals) have certain levels of psychic ability, but not everyone chooses too use this ability in full, or unconsciously use it without realising. Psychic ability is like a muscle, if you exercise it , it becomes stronger.

  3. Will the Spirit world work with anyone?

    Non-physical Guides will work with anyone. Every soul incarnate on the Earth plane has at least one guide who oversees that Souls life-plan. They are not able to interfere where it would mean overtaking a Souls life purpose or free will, but they are happy to help where they can, and have been asked to.

  4. Is there an afterlife?

    We believe that there is. It is a place which is simply on a different plane of existence, in the Light, which is not too dissimilar to Earth, however it is not a heavy place like Earth, it is free of limitation.

  5. What happens when you die?

    A number of options are available to the non-physical form if it so chooses. You as a non-physical entity in a human body have free will as to what you need to experience at the time of death. It is generally a peaceful quick process, kind of like falling into a deep sleep and then being awoken free of all sensation of weight in the light or non-physical realm, diving into a dark deep pool and then touching the bottom with your feet, pushing yourself back up and swimming up towards the light of day. The Spirit does not experience any pain unless it wishes too. You will always have your loved ones and or guides there to meet and greet you on the other side;(if you want that), and from there you are encouraged onto a place of resting before being allowed to adjust to the Spirit World. The amount of time spent in rest if up to the Soul and depending on how you passed over. From there on there will be the opportunity to learn and plan for your future, which could mean reincarnating into another body, time or reality should you need to experience certain things again. The Soul, with the help of the Spiritual Masters, and when it's ready, looks to see how it has progressed, and how better it can be advanced or ascended, and will work out how it can do this.

  6. Who are the Ascended Masters?

    Ascended Masters are simply Ascended beings, such as you or I, who have lived many lives, and experienced so much that their Souls hold more light. The truth is, every Soul is an Ascended Master in the making (if you aren't already that is), and all Souls are on the constant path of learning back to God. The Ascended Masters wish it be known that they do not claim, nor wish to be treated like gods or worshipped. They are humble and benevolent. The Ascended Masters as you may have heard about them (Master Jesus, Lord Maitreya, Lada Nada etc, are normal Souls with vast physical and non-physical life experiences who have graciously agreed to work with physical mankind yo help them develop, and as such are available to all to call upon

  7. Who are the Angels?

    There are different kinds, or ranks, of Angels. They are high beings of light who have not necessarily incarnated into a human body, although the Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon have.

    God created the Angels to be responsible for different aspects of the Universe, as so there is an Angel for everything. They love to help us, and love us to call upon them for that help.

  8. Does Heaven and Hell exist?

    Not necessarily in the way that they are sometimes depicted on Earth. Heaven exists in the sense that it is a higher lighter existence, free of fear and pain, and in a place what most would call paradise. There are different levels of existence within the Spirit World. There is the lower Astral, the Middle Astral, and the Higher Astrals. The Middle Astral is the place where most discarnate Spirits reside and is similar to the Earth Plane, albeit it is a place of light. The Higher Astrals are what one would describe as paradise, where higher evolved Souls reside. There is of course, the lower Astrals where lower energies reside, which is the closest in density to the Earth and is not necessarilya place of beauty. The lower Astrals are what one may think of as a kind of hell, as it is where troubled Souls roam, one's who may have acrued alot of negative karma in their lives or have no desire to ascend, including those who cannot shake of their earthly addictions such as drugs, alcohol, or lustful pursuits. There is no evil being or hell, but these creations can be created into a Souls reality if they attract it to them (such as by concentrating on evil and evil acts). You get what you create.

  9. Does evil exist?

    There is no such thing as an evil person or Soul, although people or Souls can perform evil acts. There are good and bad persons everywhere on the Earth, and there are more good than bad. This is the case in the Spirit World where there are different planes of evolvement. Lower entities or spirits do reside in the lower spiritual planes and care must be taken by those in the light, not to interfere or interact with them. Like attracts like however and if you are of the same vibration as these misguided Souls then it is easy to attract them. Likewise, a lower entity can be attracted to a higher vibration Soul like a moth being attracted to a light bulb. Your spiritual guides who are always present will not let them interfere with you, however, they cannot interfere with your free will unless you wish otherwise. It is therefore very important to protect yourself spiritually as well as physically at all times. You wouldn't leave your house unlocked and go out would you? Be ever mindful of your thoughts and feelings, for if you are in a bad place mentally, fear and lower energy is easily absorbed. Whilst evil is an illusion, you have free=will to create this illusion in your life if you want to. But why would you?

  10. Can I protect myself against lower energies?

     Yes. There are a number of rituals or procedures that one can embark upon, which can provide unbreakable protection for the self, others, or places.

     One such method would be to ask the Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters or whoever else you choose to protect you. Dedicate a little time to stilling the mind, being at peace (see meditation techniques), picture the guide or hold a picture of them, call them to you, and ask them to protect you in all that you do etc. Visualise them placing a protective white light all around you etc.

     Archangel Michael is known as the Angel of protection. He will gladly come to those that ask.

  11. Can I connect with my loved ones in the Spirit World?

    Yes. There are a number of ways in which you can do this, such as visiting a credible psychic, or by simply going into meditation yourself and being open to your loved one communicating with you. They may choose to do this is a number of ways themselves, such as in your dreams or by providing visible signs, or by hearing them. Be patient with them and youselves, it takes time.

  12. How will I know when I've connected with a Spirit or Guide?

    Depending on how open you are to psychic ability, and it is my firm belief that everyone is capable of it, will determine what kind of experience you may have.

     Firstly, if it isn't mean't to be, or you aren't yet ready to experience, then you wont. Responsible Spirit will not go against Spiritual Law by appearing in front of you, or by spooking you. That would not do your spiritual development any good. However, you can prepare yourself by learning as much as you can about the Spirit World, practicising meditation, or by attending psychic development classes.

     Once Spirit deem that you are ready, you may hear them, see them, know them, feel them, or smell them. It is, and should never be, a scary experience, and whenever I personally have experienced them I have always been at my most relaxed.

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