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Vibrational Healing & Ascension

Creating Divine Abundance by Maha Laxmi

I am very honoured to be talking to you today to share with you sacred knowledge that is available to you each, from your Creator, in the form of the abundance that you all crave. I AM the matriarchal Ascended Master of abundance and for centuries I have been associated with the manifestation of wealth and prosperity and I gladly to the aid of all who call my name. I AM Laxmi.

So what is abundance and why do you need to draw it to you? Abundance can be in the form of money, love, peace, pleasure, prosperity, health, relationships with self and others. It can also be manifested in other ways. These are all gifts that must be manifested by you as a co-creator with God.

 We the Ascended Masters are here to assist you. Call upon us, chant our names, feel our presences with you. We hear you. On that note, be ever mindful of the vast spectrum of Ascended Masters that are available to you, we each, like a hospital, have consultants who specialise in certain vibrations, or as you would call them subjects. My specialism in the abundance of the Creator. Just like a hospital where you call the doctor and he listens to your symptoms, I also make an assessment of your needs and repair you accordingly if this serves your highest good.

Like every go doctor I say again, I repair you accordingly and make suggestions how you can manifest even better state of health, and I mean health in every sense of the word and not just in a sense of well-being. I ask that you firstly take a look at your situation and start the manifestation process by being honest with your true Soul calling and remove any or actual blocks to receiving the abundance. If you struggle with this you can call upon me, for example by saying out loud before a candle light..LAXMI PLEASE COME TO ME NOW. LAXMI PLEASE INFUSE YOUR DEVINE BEING WITH MINE SO THAT I CAN BECOME ONE WITH YOU. LAXMI PLEASE DURING THIS PROCESS FLOOD MY MIND WITH THOSE BLOCKAGES THAT NEED TO BE TAKEN DOWN SO THAT I CAN MANIFEST AN ABUNDANCE OF  (state the issue) FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD. THANK YOU LAXMI, LET IT BE WRITTEN, LET IT THEN BE SO. I then ask that you sit in silence, stilling your mind and body to allow me to interact with you and receive my guidance.

In order to break down the barriers that stop you from true manifestation of abundance I often work with Lord Ganesha, and together we work very powerfully to overcome barriers to abundance on your behalf if you decide to call upon us.

 If you are still having problems manifesting abundance I would advice you to sit alone in silence and to meditate on your physical presence and the physical things that may be preventing you from the abundance that you desire. It is always better that you yourself make a firm decision as to what no longer serves you and severing yourself from it so that true happiness can step forward and make itself known to you. I use as an example a gambler who wishes to be rich beyond his wildest dreams. Is throwing your money away the right way forward to be able to do this as no matter how much financial assistance comes his or her way the gambler will expose it to risk by gambling it away again.

 I would urge all who wish to be more abundant and prosperous look to change their personal vibration if this is appropriate for you. Again, find time to sit quietly whilst listening to some nice spiritual music, lighting a candle, ensure that you will not be disturbed and GIVE this time to yourself. This is the first rule of abundance of GIVING TO YOUSELF. If it helps to, look at a picture of myself of Lord Ganesha, connect to Archangel Michael as him to be present and protect you and your space as you chant OM SHREEM HREEM BRZEE NAMAHA. (REPEAT THIS 108 TIMES DAILY FOR 40 DAYS).

Dear one's you are very loved by all of us and I look forward to working with you. I AM Laxmi.

 All You Need is Self Love, by Archangel Uriel.

 It is with much joy and peace that I have been asked by Alan to communicate the Love of the Divine to you today. It gives us much pleasure to be able to do so. We as a spiritual collective in the highest of the high would be honored for you to be aware of the magnificence and adoration that we hold you in. We see you as you really are, your true selves and not the selves that you sometimes suspect that you are. Rest assured beloved children of the most radiant one, you are really perfect and you are very loved with no exception.

 Now is the time that you yourselves truly see yourselves for who you really are. See yourself though our eyes.Cast aside the man-made fears that keep you cocooned in an overcoat of self imposed ugliness, for it is an illusion only seen by yourself. Stop your worries. Stop them now. Instead be in the now, focus on giving yourself the credit of self realisation, the realisation that you are the Divine. The Divine is perfect in every way shape and form. The Divine is a beautiful creation.

 Why do so many of you concern yourself what the other may be thinking of you? The truth is you are wasting your thoughts with fears instead of self Love. Self Love is not selfish in respect of how you interpret it. Instead, self Love is the enjoyment of every moment of your incarnation. It is the Love of everything around you. It is noticing that special blue sky, that special Sun, that special sun-set, the oceans on planet earth, all forms of life and beauty. For when you truly connect with these creations then you will start to understand who you really are. Take a look in a mirror. That reflection is your earth vehicle. It is a Divine work of art. You have been through so much together. It protects you. Your Divine Spirit resides within it. Do you Love what you see? 

 I offer you a Divine affirmation to connect with me, but first I ask that you take yourself to a place that gives you peace. Focus on your heart centre, imagine the Great Central Sun way up in the heavens radiating towards your heart and say this, "ARCHANGEL URIEL, I ASK YOU TO COME TO ME NOW. BRING ME PEACE IN MY ENTIRE BEING. CLOAK ME IN YOUR GOLD AND PURPLE CLOAK OF PROTECTION AND ULTIMATE PEACE. MAY THE RADIANCE OF THE DIVINE FILL MY ENTIRE BEING WITH PEACE IN ALL DIRECTIONS OF TIME. SO MOTE IT BE".

 With the Divine Love and Peace of the Creator I place my hand on your Crown Chakra and soothe your beloved journey ahead. I Love you, as do we all. Peace and Adonai. Archangel Uriel. 07/01/2014. 


We LoveYou

 BELOVED! Be loved, feel loved, do not reject love. Give love freely, whosoever you path crosses with. Do not be afraid to give love and to receive it. Many Lightworkers have told you that love is all that there is. That is true. Love conquors all. Love can and will calm all of the waves that Mother Earth and her inhabitants are feeling right now, for those waves have been washing away all of the old fears that have held you and her back until now.

 Do not fear beloved for you are the ultimate I AM. You cannot be destroyed. Your ego self may often tell you that you are unable to cope and that maybe you cannot carry on any longer. This is not the truth. The ego lies. Even if your material life on the Earth Plane should perish, YOU will not. The real YOU that is. As you will remember eventually your eternal self is on this plane of consciousness to learn and move on. There is no death, so what can destroy you? The answer is nothing. Your ego and the ego of others may try to destroy you, and your perception of this in your current state of consciousness may subject you to feeling as if there is nothing left to fight for, but rest assured, you are not seeing your light for who you truly are. In this state of consciousness you will feel low, oppressed, worthless..for this is what fear is.

 Remember fear is false evidence appearing real (f.e.a.r).

 Cast aside now those illusionary veils of fear. Clothe yourself now in the glory of who you really are. Start to live your life now about who you really are and who you really wish to be. Take but one thing with you this life to your next life., and ask yourself but one question. Did YOU love?

 So what is love? Love is the opposite of fear. Look at everything in the world and ask yourself which category it comes under. Does it come under love or fear?

 In your world the route of all fear is the feeling of not having enough money. The greedy and power hungry have now been flushed out of their dark hiding places and been shown up for who they really are. A vehicle for fear. The Earth belongs to all of you so why do you guard your own territory so rigidly. It cant be stolen from you?

 See money for what it really is...pieces of metal or paper. Is it richer to have more metal or paper or richer to be more loving?

 The point of this communication to you today my beloved is to point out to you who you really are. You are the product of love, not fear. When you once again live your life in total Love, then you will truly find peace.

 We see you as you really are, Love. We do not see you as anything less.

 In Love and Peace, Adonai.

The White Brotherhood.

What is an Angel?


There is much that has been said about Angels. What or who are they?  They are this, or that, the truth is they are light, we are light, as you read this now, I am with you the Archangel Gabrielle, and as you feel me beside you I bring you love and light.


What is love and light?  Love and light is what I am, I am not wings, I am not a halo, and yet I am, you see I take the form that you need me to take, a preconceived image, and yet as your awareness grows so does my image, look into the image of the angel on this page, is it a shape does it have wings? Is it an angel? To some it will be to others it will not.  How can you draw love and light you cannot for love and light is without image, it simply is, so as you look at the image feel love, feel light and then you have the understanding, the preconceived image or the new computerised image is simply there as a symbol, a tool to anchor into you love and light.


We are unconditional love, that which you are but have forgotten, we are without judgement.  We are like your pets we love your regardless, we accept you completely and this is why many Angels have incarnated as animals, your pets.  Do they not heal you when you stroke them? Do they not draw close to you when you are ill, tired or weary?  Do you observe fish and become still?  Do you sit beside a lake and watch the elegance of the swan and become calm, centred and peaceful?  So we say again what is an Angel?  The person who smiles at you when you need cheering up, the kind word or thought when it's needed most.  We are all these things.


What is light?  Light is that which you are but have forgotten.  Light is that which you feel when you are, or have unconditional love.  Light is the sun that shines upon your face and removes the ‘darkness’ of your troubles.  Light is your truth, your destiny, the place from which you came, the place to where you will return; and yet when we are weary we ask when, when, will this time of light and love come, and we say it is now.  It is you, remember, remember, remember and should you struggle to remember then call upon an Angel, a thought of help and we are there, and we will always be there, until the day you remember, that you too are an Angel. 


Blessings of love and light.


‘The following was channelled by the Archangel Gabrielle through Jacqueline Mary Phillips – Principle and Founder of ‘In the Presence of Angels’.


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 Take a good long look back at the type of relationship that you have attracted into your life. Can you honestly say, hand on heart that you have attracted positive experiences on the whole?

Lets just analyse for one moment what exactly it is that you have experienced. Now look upon it with positive eyes and see all the good times and also recognise all the bad times. Look even deeper still into the bad times and see where it is that you or the other party went wrong, recognise further just how you could have improved upon the experience without it resulting in pain, and also see what learnings you have gained as a result. I defy anyone reading this to not recognise (even from the seemingly worst experiences of your life) all of the positive experiences that have come about as a result of you experiencing the seemingly bad. Very importantly also to recognise all of the learnings that the other side may have learned as a result of their interactions with you! As you are a teacher to many, so are they a teacher to you!!

 Life is one big learning hence just why you are here on the Earth plane. Not one person is here by accident or with a reckless sort of abandon. Everything is meant to be and everything happens in synchronicity. There is no such thing as co-incidence.

 My advice to you is to look deep into your past and present relationships, whether this be with yourselves or with others, and work out how you can improve upon what you have got or have received. See the value in where you have been, have no regrets about anything because without the experience you will not have gained the life qualification.

 Life is not easy, the more experience you get the stronger a soul this makes you become!

 We bless you on your way,



 The lords of Karma. 05/07/07

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"I Archangel Jophiel stand before you today as a beacon of Light. The Light of God almighty. Feel that Light penetrate your auric field. Feel it cleansing you. Breathe in this light. Feel it radiating around you. Send it out to others. Be this beacon. This is the gift. The gift is your light. This is the only gift that is real. This is the one gift that you can give of yourself freely and at any time. You do not have to wait until so called special occasions to give this gift to others. This gift is the gift of the eternal. See your light, this spark of the Divine illuminate from within. Feel it powerfully emitting from the heart of your being. Go forth, radiate your beauty. I am Jophiel, in peace and Light. Adonai". 29/06/07



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Mastery Of Life And Evolution

  "We are all Masters, however just what are you a Master of?  Karmically you choose to experience your life in the way that you do. Your life is perfect just like you!

 God and your Angels know this hence will not try to take any part of your experiences away that you do not ask to change. These are experiences that you the Master have chosen to experience in this life and all of the players in this game of life are souls that you have agreed to experience this life with, and why???...So that you may learn and evolve together.

 As a Master, God has given you the freewill to experience that which you choose to experience, so do not hold yourself back. Do not let another hold you back. Observe and experience. Continue to observe and learn then so you will evolve. Do not fight life because it seems tough, but observe it and go with the flow. Learn from it.

 We are all one so why do we punish one another? Why do we punish ourselves for we are all one? I believe there is so much punishment because we judge others, sometimes very harshly, yet these are our brothers and sisters that we judge so harshly. In fact we are judging ourselves.

 Judgement comes from our own experiences, in other words we judge others by our standards (or lack of them). But then why should we judge others by the standards that we have chosen for ourselves, when every single soul on this planet has their own life plan? Would you want to wear anothers shoes? Then why would you wish to experience or get involved in their Karma? For involving yourself in anothers Karma will bring you extra Karma. Judgement of another is judgement of self. By judging you are judging that part of you which is lacking love. Do not judge, but OBSERVE and send out BLESSINGS and LOVE.

 I sense that every single person who reads these words will remember their soul purpose and be inspired to OBSERVE the JOY that is their experience. This is the TRUTH. The soul is limitless in its existence. There is no end to life, even after the process that we call death. For death is a rebirth.

  This thing we call time is very precious. I ask of you now to discard anything in your life which is non serving, that is, anything that does not do you good. I also ask you to discard anything in YOUR life that does not do any other soul any good. Look within and listen to what your soul really craves. In all things I sense that this will be PEACE and LOVEEveryone deserves peace and love. Be the bringer of peace and love. Be an ambassador of peace and love.

 Start each day by affirming that you will judge no one, that you will observe and learn to the best of your ability, and that you will promote peace and love in everyway both for yourself and others.

 I love each and everyone of you my brother/sister for I am you and you are me.We are one."



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" What do you define as beauty?. Do you only recognise beauty as being what appears on the surface such as in someones looks, or do you see it as the beauty of the light that shines within each one of us? Do you class yourself as being beautiful? If not why not?

 Consider a beautiful bunch of flowers that just sits in its vase apparrently doing nothing, when in fact it is BEING. By being it fearlessly spreads its beauty and light just by sitting in a room or place. Even though it actively doesn't attempt to satisfy its ego by enforcing its beauty upon you it can be the cause of immense pleasure and joy just by being silently in a place that needs lighting up. Flowers are never scared to open up and blossom.

All that the beautiful bunch of flowers craves above is light, water, and tender care. These are the gifts that we are all provided with by Source.

Therefore see your true beauty for what it is, and take your beauty into the lives of those that need that bunch of flowers. Go ahead and remind someone today just how beautiful they are. Be beautiful together like a field of daffodils. Let humanity shine like a field of beautiful flowers for all to gaze upon and gain inspiration." So Mote It be."

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Spiritual Development

 "I am often asked by those of you that are yet to reawaken..."What is Spirit, how do you see them, and how do you develop senses to be able to see Spirit?".

 Firstly let me just reassure everyone that there is not one person who is not capable of psychic/ spiritual work. To some it comes naturally which may be owing to their current Soul purpose on this Earth plane. To some, who may just need need reminding (or reawakening) to their own spiritual gifts, this will prove fruitful once the soul has remembered its heavenly gifts. To this end you may need to seek an earth guide or spiritual teacher to help you remember how to open up. This may happen "by accident" or "by co-incidence", or it may happen because you have sought the guidance of your guide or teacher. However, let me just remind you that there is no such thing as "co-incidence" only spiritual synchronisities that are meant to happen at a certain time in your life, and to most this will mean being reawoken to their spiritual gifts much sooner or later.

 To those of you who may say "I'm not spiritual and I've got no psychic senses", let me ask you this. Have you ever walked into a place and got a feeling about it, either what you would call good or bad which has caused you to give a judgement about the place in question? For example you walk into a room where the occupants have had a blazing row prior to your arrival and you have felt that you could "cut the atmosphere with a knife", or have you ever met a person that you don't know or even those that you do know and instinctively felt what kind of person they are, or that you share some form of affinity with them? Also have you ever had an experience of having been in a particular place that you dont recall visiting before (Deja Vu) or having met a person before?? These are all examples of your Spiritual senses at work. Just how far you take them is up to you.

 God gave us all free will. This is why we are all different in one respect, yet the same in another. We are all different in that we have all chosen to experience life differently depending on our own particular "Earth-Agendas", but when it comes down to it we are all from the same family, or source. ie God. It may or may not be on a persons own particular "Earth Agenda" karmically to use their spiritual gifts hence why some persons seem more spiritual than others. Don't let this falsely lead you to believe that they are any more or less important or gifted than others are. We are each on a road to perfection and each one of us has their own difficult path to travel. It has to be this way so that we can each grow by learning and experiencing.

 Flow with life and do not be tempted to battle against it. As mentioned before your current life experience has already been planned and given to yourself before you arrived here, but you also have the gift of freewill to be able to change it. If there is a particular task or person or whatever that really irritates you then stop and think just why it does. If it is something you can't change then work with it. If it something you can change then make a decision as to whether you wish to change it or not.

 Look upon each person as a member of your own family, because thats exactly what we are. You may want to try this. Start your day with the intention of looking after each other and treating them as you would like to be treated. This could mean simply stopping and helping another in the street, smiling at passers by, slowing your car down to allow them to cross the street, smiling at another, making a telephone call to friend, relative or visiting a neighbour and having a friendly chat, etc etc. Remember that the next person you meet in the street may even be an Angel who may ask you to help them! Look after each other!!

 So just how do you see spirit? How do you know you haven't seen them already? There are many methods of inviting spirit to come to you depending upon your Soul agenda. Patience and trust comes to mind. Don't be frightened to physically ask spirit to come to you. As soon as Spirit believes that you are mentally ready then they will give you proof of their presence. They may even send a spiritual  teacher in the physical sense to prepare you for meeting them or proving their presence. You may find a number of synchronisities occuring such as certain music being played, TV programmes or books that you are drawn to, or like-minded persons. By practising medititation and by eliminating fear from your life will also make you more susceptible to communicating with or experiencing Spirit.

 Each one of us has at least one Guardian Angel who never leaves your side, and many many more guides that come into your life at specific times to help you through certain experiences. These beings who love you unconditionally work for your highest good and will protect you and help you should you call upon them. You only have to ask. They will not interfere with you or change your free will in any way as this is against Cosmic law. These beings will not appear to you unless you are mentally ready to receive them. They would not want to scare the living daylights out of you by appearing in front of you when you least expect it, after all they love you unconditionally. Trust me though that they hear you even though you may not at times be able to hear them and are always there with you. Acknowledge their presence by relaxing in a stress free environment and by lighting a candle and thinking of them.

The work of Spirit is all around us. We are all Spirit even though we are incarnate on Earth at this moment in time. Angels come in many guises and one of your closest loved ones may be an Angel who lovingly guides you towards certain experiences. Have a think about it."


In love, light, and blessings,



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Message from Archangel Michael 28/11/06


 "Faith is the healer. Have faith in Gods love for you and his love will be faithfully returned tenfold.

Practise unconditional faith in yourself. Faith in yourself is faith in God. Each of us share the Divine spark that is God. Turn your love inside and bathe your heart in its glory, condition your thoughts in its power. Faith will bring its own rewards, faith will bring you infinite joy."

(Channeled through Jane Hancox)

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Ascension Blessings

"Behold we are now in the age of Aquarius. This is the age of LOVE,  and UNITY, and SERVICE towards others. These are the qualities of the new age. I speak these words with the inspiration of beloved Archangel Chamuel and the higher forces of love within my heart for you my beloved brother or sister.

 Take time to analyse your day. Was it filled with LOVE or filled with fear? Did you LOVE yourself today, or didn't you find time for this easiest of necessity?  Did you show another how to LOVE? Could you have improved upon your day?

There are only two things to watch out for. LOVE and fear. Which do you prefer? Do you promote LOVE during your valuable time on this Earth-plane, or do you prefer to promote fear? Do you unwitingly promote fear? Everything we do either comes from LOVE or fear.

 When was the last time you woke up in the morning and told yourself that you LOVE yourself? Go on,try it!! By loving self you will be loving others. Do those around you not notice either quietly or aloud those unloving things that you do to yourself. The best gift of Love you could give them is to start by loving yourself first and foremost. You are a soul on an amazing journey in a body that has very kindly agreed to be your vehicle. Show it the only gratitude it asks of you, like a new born baby does- LOVE it unconditionally!.

 LOVE all those around you. Take time to smile at the passing stranger in the street. Offer the helping hand to those that seek it. Be the Angel that brings the miracle to the needy. Go on, try it!! Remember, each soul on this Earth-plane is on a similar amazing journey to you. Each soul has his or her own difficult road to traverse.

 Each and every soul is a brother or sister to the next. A son or daughter, a cousin, an aunt, uncle, or parent. There is no separatism in Gods creation. We are ALL one

 I tell you this, the forces of anti-love will never win. The Light shines in the darkest of corners and seeks out all extremities and  shadow. Earth Angels and other Lightworkers are being awoken now for this purpose. Gods LOVE in abundance for YOU.

Tonight, before you go to sleep, reflect on your day and LOVE yourself for you deserve it.

 In peace, LOVE, and service....I AM.....Adonai."

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Channelling from Spirit


" Every cloud has a silver lining, but remember, above every cloud is a beautiful bright blue sky and a magnificent Sun radiating Gods love for all. Even when the sky is grey and you feel down, remember to rise above the illusion of the clouds to see Gods glory. So each day, take time to look up into the sky and smile for God is always there just as the Sun or Moon is. Do not be fooled by the clouds.

 Fear can be like the clouds, do not be fooled by F.E.A.R as it is (F) alse (E) vidence (A) ppearing (R) eal. See the bigger picture and remember that God is always there and that you are never alone.

 God is Love and she/he loves us all."



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The Reiki Principles

 "Just for today I will not worry,

 Just for today I will not anger,

 Just for today I will honour my parents, teachers,and elders,

 Just for today I will earn my living honestly,

 Just for today I will show gratitude to everything"

             O-Sensei Dr Mikao Usui


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Channelling From A Reiki Guide

"Communicate with truth, compassion, and be aware of the healing properties of words.

Respect your brothers and sisters for they share the same Divine spark regardless of religion or creed. To love them is to heal them.

Acknowledge credence in the thought as it's the first manifestation of the deed.

To heal, fill your heart with the Sun and send it out into the Universe. Share your light, and as you give so shall you receive."

Channeled by Jane Hancox.





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Useful Quotes.

"Peace cannot be achieved through violence,it can only be achieved through understanding." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

" To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to." - Kahlil Gibran

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal, nothing on Earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude." - Thomas Jefferson

"You can imagine it, You can achieve it, If you can dream it, You can become it." - William Arthur Ward.

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Angel Airways

 Whilst I was sat in the departure lounge of Manchester Airport patiently awaiting my flight to board on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I started to contemplate life (as you do) and opened  up to my higher self and asked "what indeed was spiritual development all about?". The response that I immediatly received was very clear.

 Whilst embarking on spiritual development and life in general is like taking a journey into the unknown, previously undiscovered territory of the world we all start from the same state of unknowingness. Whilst sat still on the ground beneath the illusion of the grey clouds we are unaware until we take time to look up into the sky and see past the clouds what actually awaits us past the clouds, that is, the joyous light filled abundance of the Sun and the rich healing blue skies that are always there despite being masked by the grey clouds. Those that are not spiritually aware will be confused by the clouds, will get depressed easily as they forget that the light of the Creator is always there, you just have to fly past the illusion to reclaim it.

 Some persons choose never to fly and as a consequence remain Earth bound. The truth can be applied to souls who choose to remain restricted by their own consciousness. They only have to but take the journey above the clouds in order to soar higher and get even closer to the creator and his/her light. There are of course some souls who despite trying to fly will remain stuck in the passenger terminal experiencing delays. To them the message is to be patient!

 The Angels are like air stewards/esses. They lovingly look after you, guide you, bring you messages or news from the Captain, and generally provide you with your sustainance if you ask for it. Needless to say they are always in the background should you not wish to be disturbed, always looking out for your safety whilst on board. It just so happens that aeroplanes also have wings!

 God is not only the Captain who skillfully steers the aircraft and ensures that it keeps to its flight plan and schedule, but he is also the Air Traffic Controller without whom nothing and soul would be journeying. He is also the Air Steward/ess and the passenger.

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Message to Alan From God. This Message Applies To Every Living Soul.


I know not what to say about you, nor a method to show the feelings of great pride I have for you.  The truth comes from truth and you are the truth.  Your teachings are unmeasured and come from love unconditionally.  Time will tell and show you my son what lies here for you.  Find solace in what you know and the souls that you encounter along the way.  Your path is mapped and your guides are there to help.  Rest in the knowledge my son that what you do here is right and good.  Don’t be swayed by ego.  Your time is here and now and your rewards divine.


My love light and power will stay with you always….


Your god…


(channelled through Mandy Jooste 31/08/07)





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 What Happens After Death?

Firstly, rest assured my friends that life does indeed go on and on after what you would call "death", and in reality there is no "death" as you may know it. There is in fact a process of being reborn, but being reborn back to your real Spirit self and re-joining with God. God in his unconditional love and wisdom wishes you to know this.

 Reincarnation is therefore a fact. We are soul extensions of our soul who keep reincarnating over and over again in our quest to realise our true identities as sons and daughters of God. In reality there is no such thing as death. Death is an illusion of the earthly negative-ego thought system. You are at this moment in time a soul temporarily living in a physical body. On average each soul has experienced being reborn over 250 times already hence we are all experts at it. Some souls may even be experiencing their 3000th incarnation!

This is the Earth-School and it is important that you remember that your soul chose to come here in order to learn and ultimately fine-tune itself by its interactions with itself and others. The Earth School is an unrivalled experience for this purpose and is the very best possible university for the soul to experience itself and grow in the fastest amount of time. This is why we choose to come here. Your life was mapped out for you before you came here and you would have chosen your parents, friends, environment, job, etc etc in accordance with your Divine plan of what experiences you need to experience for your souls growth prior to being born here. Countless numbers of spirit souls await patiently for their chance to be reborn, it is therefore very important for you to realise just how lucky and privileged you are to be here, and to live life to the fullest that you can and to not waste a single moment!

 Now once your soul has accomplished this Divine plan it may choose to return to Spirit, and in order to do so the soul needs to return back to the inner planes (heaven), and the only way to achieve this is to leave behind the physical heavy earth body. When you return to Spirit your individuality is not lost and you are the same person on that side as you were on this side. The only thing that you lose is your physical and etheric bodies. You will of course gravitate to a plane of consciousness according to your souls growth and this will mean that you then inhabit a spirit body which will be either Astral, Mental, Emotional, Buddhic, Atmic, and/or a Light Ascended body, again depending on your level of advancement.

 Lord Krishna, in the Baghavad-Gita, said that "Where you go when you die is determined by the last thought in your mind before death". This is true, and so one's whole life is a quest in reality to die with the thought of God on one's mind. The same process happens when one goes to sleep at night. Where one goes during sleep is determined by the last thought in the mind. if one watches the news before bed, one will probably end up where the latest "hot-spot" is on the Planet. If one spends time before bed meditating, praying, or reading Spiritual material, then one will probably end up on the Celestial Planes of existence during ones sleep-state. Paramahansa Yogananda, the great saint from India, said that peoples passing or dying, will be a wonderful experience if they have the slightest bit of spiritual belief and purpose in their lives. It is only those people who are completely cut off from their souls and who are completely materialistic and egotistical who will vibrate on the lower Astral planes.

 At the time of death, and once your soul has made the decision that it wishes to return to the Inner Planes of Consciousness, the Life Thread, Consciousness thread, and Antakarana (these are light tubes that connect you with the Divine and your highest self) all withdraw back to your Soul Monad (or Higher Self). Your soul then goes through a 3 day "Bardo" experience as below;

 The Bardo deals with the 3 days that follow the actual death experience of the physical body.

Phase 1 of the Bardo is the moment just prior to death when the soul extension (you) will see before him/herself the dazzling clear Light of God. All Souls see this light despite their level of advancement or spiritual evolution. IT IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE IN THIS MOMENT TO ALLOW ONESELF TO MERGE WITH THIS LIGHT. To merge with this light is to allow oneself to merge with God. Remember what I said earlier in the Baghavad-Gita: where we go when we die is determined by the last thought in the mind before we die. We must therefore let the very last thought in our minds to be only to merge with the light. Problems can occur when persons are not educated about the science of death and dying and do not know about the clear Light of God; hence they may miss this momentous opportunity. Why do they miss this momentous opportunity? For many reasons. The first is they don't know that they are supposed to merge with the Light, so they don't do it. The second reason ispreconcieved religious notions or fear of the Light. Third, many people when they die, are too drugged by medical doctors. Others may be so materialistically identified that God is the furthest person on their mind. Others may be too preoccupied with their families or matters of estate and other assorted worries and fears. The biggest reason however is a basic misunderstanding of this important science.

Phase 2 of the Bardo deals with the process if the soul extension (you) has missed the opportunity to merge with the initial clear Light of God and it is given a second chance. This secondary light is toned down a bit and not quite as bright, s may be  more comfortable to come seekers. The merging with this Light still enables one to advance in spiritual development.

Phase 3. In this phase, the first two opportunities have been missed and the soul extension (you) usually spends a 3 day period reviewing his/her life. This third phase has often been called "The Valley Of Judgement". This  is not a judgement in the ego sense of the word but rather, as one reviews ones life, it is seen with a spiritual clarity that the soul extention probably did not have prior to the Bardo experience. This reviewing process is not quite watching a movie, more like actually reliving the key moments in ones life. The unique thing about this experience is that one has the opportunity to reenact and improve upon missed lessons. This third phase of the Bardo is a spiritual test. How one performs will determine what dimension and level one gravitates towards after leaving the Bardo experience. God is never judging the personality; the soul extension (you) is judging him/herself.

The Master Jesus himself said, "In my fathers house there are many mansions", and indeed there are. There are spiritual cities with most of the pleasures of life that you experienced on Earth here, save that non serving things are not needed. For example eating and drinking is no longer necessary as you  no longer inhabit a physical body. There is no need for public transport, pollution, drugs, alcohol. There are many jobs and learning institutions, but no longer any need for lawyers etc. You can however create anything that you desire and if this means eating or drinking then so be it.

 I pay tribute to the Ascended Masters Djwal Khul, Lord Kuthumi, Jesus Sananda, and Joshua David Stone for the above information.




Message from Lord Buddha,Planetary Logos

It is I Lord Buddha,Planetary Logos of the World and I bid you greetings. I am grateful for having this chance to come forward today to bring you a message.It is my honour to work with the channel who you know as Alan Payne who is an old soul, and I'm sure that he won't mind me saying this, for in spiritual years he is.

 Each one of you have been on this Earth mission many many times, and it is important that you recognise this. You are each "old hands" at this thing you call life, never forget this. You are here to learn and eventually ascend and I am here to assist you as are all of my spiritual brethren here in the highest  realms of light. You just have to call upon us and we will be there to help.

You will know me from my main incarnation on Earth as having been an enlightened one. You too can become what I am.

You cannot escape ascension for not only is the world ascending spiritually, but each soul ascends as a result of all their experiences. There is no need to rush this process as everything is happening in perfect Divine order, however you may choose to accelerate this process and increase you light quotient, by choosing to walk in the light, by eating, breathing, being, and becoming light in everything that you do. The light is here to show you the way.

 I would recommend that during your downtime, you concentrate on those of us that you feel a bond with in the light, and ask that you be given more light. It is especially recommended to ask us to take you to our Ascension Seats on the inner planes so that you may receive a top-up of light and increase you light quotient whenever you can. This can be done at anytime in a waking state or during your sleep state. You must first ask though as we do not wish to interfere for it is not the Divines plan that we take over your free will.

 Dear ones, we are always here for you, you never have to walk this path alone, and indeed the heavenly father would not allow it.You are each guided by those that love you, you are each very loved by us all.

 We in spirit thank you for your efforts,

I wish each of you and enlightened and peaceful journey ,and I love you,

Lord Buddha.


Many Hands Make "Light-Work"


"My dear beloved chidren, fellow Gods! For you are all a part of me, all co-creators on the Earth Plane and beyond, this message goes out to you all. I Love you.

 You are each playing your part and I am pleased with each individual progress that you make. You are each doing very well, and doing your best. I am grateful.
 You are each co-creators and each have the power. Some of you are on a personal quest to find it and to release it by expressing your power in all the things that you do for the purpose of creation and experience. I have sent my Angels and Ascended Masters to walk with you, to help you realise your own power as co-creators of God. There are those of you that have discovered your own power, and through the unconditional true love that this brings with it help others to discover theirs. I look upon each one of you with no exception with Love, and most times I am even tickled pink (as pink is the colour of unconditional love) at the misguided actions of some, sometimes in my name which only serves to remove power from others. To those I send my Love to you for you will reawaken and be rebalanced soon.
 My dear ones, you do not necessarily need to stay with one teacher to find your true peace, instead seek out the teachings of many, soak up the true value of their experience and love and add it to your own abundance. Be wary of those that seek to imprison you in their own idealogy as a way of achieving enlightenment, for they themselves need to achieve a shift in consciousness, and they will. To those that think they are beyond being a student themselves, think again for you are still in your present form.
 I have sent many different Angels, Ascended Masters, indeed aspects of Spirit or myself, ourself..experience each one with Love and rewaken your own true power. You CAN do it, indeed you WILL do it.
 You talk about Unity Consciousness. When you are all thinking as I do, with Love, then you have achieved this. You do not need to harness the power of others to do this, or relinquish your own power.
 Sit and connect with me whenever you need help or assistance and I will send you what you ask for. I Love you. Allow me to tickle you pink! Your God."

The Path To Ascension

"It matters not which path a being takes to their God, it only matters that they find that path. God gave us free will as to whether that path be followed at all, but what is certain is that many sign-posts pointing to that path will be found along their way, and their way is lit by many Lightworkers.

 As with all paths, you can choose a smoother or a rockier one depending on how much spiritual exercise you need to experience".

Alan Payne 15/10/08

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Mourn No More

  Why do you mourn

  when I had to go?,

  Was my life so sad? I do not think so.

  By all means remember me

  but do it with glee, for I will always be with thee.


   Why did you mourn

   when I have had to go?,

    I came to share my life

    and not to leave strife.


   Why did you mourn

   when I had had to go?,

    I wish for you to be happy

   and remember me gladly.


   Why is it that you think that I've have gone?

   When all thats happened is that  I am now more at one?

    I am only over here

    still with you, as near.


    Truth is.. I haven't gone,

    My Soul lives on,

    I am the Sun, I am the love

    and I am the Moon,

    Do not despair I am only in the next room

    of life.


    So when you remember me

    please celebrate my light,

    The smiles that I brought and not the fight.

    Please throw a party but do not cry

    Do not lower the mood please make it high.


    Why do you still mourn?

     Is it for me or for you?

     Is it 'cos you are hurting

     or feeling blue?


    Do you wish to make me sad or make me glad?

    That I spent my life with you, the fun that we had?,

    For I am still partying with those that we've mourned,

     I wish I'd have smiled with them, instead of being forlorn.


     One day you will join us and party again,

     then see how your sorrow was really in vain,

     Theres no need to miss us or feel oh so low,

      for we haven't left you, our love only grows.

      So please do not mourn us

      Just think of us and smile,

      for we will be with you, go on give it a try!


  ALAN PAYNE 09/11/08








Lord Archangel Metatron

 Greetings fellow beings of light, it is I Metatron. I am the love of the Creator and I come to bless you with some words of encouragement at this time on your planet, beloved Mother Earth who is also the love of the Creator just as you also are.

 Firstly allow me to wrap my arms around you and comfort you that everything is going to be alright, everything is as it should be, and let me assure you that your world is not spiralling into a meltdown as your media might suggest, in fact your world is learning from its past mistakes and cleansing on a level something akin to forcing all of the impurities to the surface to be skimmed away. The fear that has been created on the Earth has been concentrated onto the masses by its sources which in turn has been responsible for its end product, the like of which you may be feeling.

 Cut yourself off from this fear. It cannot and will not destroy you. Spread this message of love. You are an indestructable Spirit and live on regardless. You are each on Divine assignment in your physical bodies, only fear and the forces of anti-love can affect this-if you allow them too. They are powerless until you empower them. You are always free to choose not too, just as you have Divine free will to empower them.

 I would urge all to devote themselves to love now. Love for themselves and love for your fellow brother and sister. Enjoy your experience on Earth. Live and learn. Refuse to get entangled in the net of apparrent misfortune of the few, which has been magnified to appear larger than it actually is. The net will swell if the fish eat the bait and get fatter on the feed!

 Beloved ones, your true Father loves you unconditionally, we the Angelic Host love you unconditionally, and together we constanlty send you healing, protection, and our Lightworkers to guide you. Be receptive to this power.

 Call my name and allow me to wrap you once more in my love which is never ending,

 I AM Metatron.

Archangel Raphael-Healing You


My greetings and love I express to each and every single Soul reading these words. I wish it first be known that you are very loved and that all of the heavenly powers are working tirelessly on your behalf to bring you an even smoother road ahead.

 These are very special times and it will soon become apparent just how and why the changes that have been so dearly needed in your world have become needed in order to set your world free so that it may rise with us, in consciousness and being.

 Your world has travelled many eons to get where it is now, just alike your Soul. Both are to be blessed and encouraged like the athlete who is fast approaching the finishing line, and we are the eager crowd that shouts and cheers for your, egging you on to reach your goal, go on you CAN do it!!

 We, the Celestial Beings of Peace send you our energies right now. Please accept them ever knowing that our Creator has sent these energies to cushion you from the apparrent blows of your reality at present. Reach out to us dear one and allow us to help you. The Creator is a vast and expansive energy which is what we are just a part of, we all express a Divine quality of the Creator.

 I send you my loving embrace, I am Raphael. Ok, lets see just how much you need my healing today. Why are you here? I would like you to accept my healing energies. Meditation is a good way to visualise the energies that I am going to pass, but before I do just call upon me, that is good enough. You will receive. Please see yourself under a refreshing waterfall of the most amazing colours of green,pink and gold. They appear to be coming from up above. They are infact coming from our beloved Creator. My heart radiates these energies to you right now and these higher vibrations seep into your mind body and Soul cleansing you of all lower energy. Feel my energies sweeping right through you like a pulsating light. The waterfall symbolises just how cleansed mother Earth sends you the force of her water cleansing your physical body. My energies are much lighter but stronger in terms of force. Whenever you wish to experience these energies just call upon me and give me your consent to receive my energies. I will be there. I leave you now loved ones, I love you deeply, IAM Raphael.

 You can use the following words, either said aloud or to your self, as a means of connecting with Archangel Raphael should you wish to..

 "I wish to connect to the God Force that is who I AM. I connect now to Archangel Raphael. I ask Archangel Raphael to radiate to me, the healing energies of the Creator from his heart centre, and to cleanse me of all lower vibration that I may have accumulated from this lifetime. I give my full consent for my highest greatest good for Archangel Raphael to oversee this cleansing of my mind, body, and Soul right now, and I ask that this healing continue for as long as I need it!" (breathe in and out deeply visualise Raphael sending his energies to you).

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