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Colour and Shape Therapy


  The human body has at least 7 major power centres within it called Chakras. These Chakras can be found in the crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and base areas, and when they are functioning correctly spin in a certain direction, and each emit specific colours depending on their job.

 The Chakras therefore emit the colours which make up the Auric Field, which to a trained therapist or psychic say alot about you. People are also able to sense other peoples Aura, which can mean that like attracts like, and opposites repel, so to speak.

 Have you ever warmed to someone straight away, or been repulsed by the appearance of someone without knowing exactly why? This is probably your intuition reading the other persons energies.

 Likewise, if your body craves a specific colour energy, it will be attracted to certain colours, or may be repelled by others incompatible with it.

 What is your favourite colour? What energises you, what warms you, what inspires you, what makes you happy, what makes you sad? What colour clothing do you or others constantly wear, feel safe in, or surround yourselves in. What colours is your house, or room, decorated in. Are you happy with this? Can you sleep there, do you feel safe and secure. Is it a happy house? Is it peaceful, or is it a place full of anger or misery.

 By examining colour and the role it plays in your life, will say alot about you. You'd be very surprised how easily you can change your life by making alteration to the colour energies that you surround yourself with.

Shapes and Symbols


  If you look around you, you will see many shapes and symbols that every day life is filled with. I can guarantee that you will take most of them for granted. Subconsciously, you mind processes these symbols which may mean that without knowing it, you can be affected either positively or negatively.

 Look at how many brand logos we are constantly bombarded with in the advetising media. The logos can be so implanted in the psyche, that whenever you see them the brain washing that the media are trying to impart have easily done their job. For example, if you have a problem losing weight, whenever you see a certain American fast food chain symbol, do you automatically feel hungry for no reason. Is this your body being reminded subconsciously of the feelings of satisfaction encountered when eating burgers, fries, thick creamy chocolate milkshakaes etc?

 Some symbols can be very sacred, such as the circle, as they represent oneness, connection with God, infinity. Reiki healers are taught to use certain handed down sacred symbols which have positive vibration, these they use when giving healing as they are placed within the auric field of the person being healed.

 Try and discover the symbols that you are most attracted to, and those that you are not. Meditate with them, and ask (them) to tell you what it is that they wish you to be aware of within yourself.


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