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Mantras, Affirmations, and Decrees

 The right to decree is a right to behold by every Soul. As there is also a Universal Law of non intervention, ie your Spirit Guides will not do anything to take away your free will, by invoking the Universal Right of Decree you may repeat a mantra, decree or affirmation so that the Ascended Realms may act on your behalf. It is akin to giving them permission to act for you. It is a fast and powerful way to gain assistance from the Great Force of Light in the Higher Dimensions, thus removing any restriction placed before it by the Universal Law of Non Intervention. The Universal Law of Attraction will then attract what you decree and ask for into your reality. Your job is then to allow it to happen and place no restriction in its way.

 A Decree may only be used for the highest good, so for it to work it needs to be said three times ( the Power of three), and needs to be worded so that it is placed within Universal Law. It also needs to be aligned with the Power of the Divine Light. It is also wise to align it within the Law of Grace, just in case what you ask for is not for the highest good, or against the will of your Highest self or that of another (the Divine know the answer to that one).

 Examples...."By Divine Decree, in the name of God, under the Law of Grace, I ask for.......(3 times). So be it, It is done"

                    "By Divine Decree, in the name of the Holy Christ Light and under the Law of Grace, I ask the Ascended Realms of Light to assist with......(3 times. So be it. It is done".

                    "By Divine Decree, in the name of The Divine Mother/ Father God, under the Law of Grace, I ask the Angelic Kingdom...Ascended Masters...St Germain..Jesus...Archangel Michael....Kuthumi...Mother Mary...my mighty Divine I AM Presence...for assistance with..........(3 times). So be it. It is done".

  You may ask for anything, for anyone, for any country, etc. So long as you ask from a place of love and with the very best intent, the decree will be acted upon by the Ascended Realms. These wonderful beings of light always know the highest picture and what is best as regards the situation, so it may not always return a result that is what you expected, or in the time frame that you asked for, as things need to happen in Divine timing for the best possible outcome. Simply let go, and let God.

 I would recommend that you give careful thought to what you wish to attract into your reality, and then make daily affirmations and decrees as though it has already manifested into your reality (for example, "Thank you God for manifesting this wonderful lottery jackpot win into my life now, I feel so alive, free, and connected to you, and  I am full of love for myself and all others for this experience. I am very grateful"). The Universe listens to all such requests and will then return to you what you request in Divine timing.



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