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Welcome to the meditation area. This is a place where you can come at any time. It is a safe place where you can be quiet, peaceful, and protected allowing you the relaxation to look deep within. It is that peace which is to be found deep within each one of us. This is your heaven on Earth.

What is meditation?

Meditation is simply making a choice to focus your mind on peace instead of fear. This is something we practice by learning to quieten the mind and looking deep within ourselves. 

Whether this be by reading a book, watching a movie, completing a jigsaw puzzle, stroking your pet cat, walking down the street, or sitting quietly in a peaceful environment, all of this could be a meditation.

Meditation is not all about sitting cross legged with your eyes closed chanting strange sounding noises unless you really wish to, and likewise, it is not an exotic practice only available to Tibetan Monks or enlightened souls. This is something you CAN do!

Why Meditate?

It is a very common human state to have a very busy mind in this day and age, and as such our busy lives tend to influence our minds if we are not careful to mirror our busy lives.

We all operate as part of a sometimes chaotic modern society which can place great demands on our time and health, and as a result of which we are so busy mentally, emotionally and physically that we have forgotten just how to escape from this rat-race long enough to be able to recoup ourselves and recharge our batteries. Over time this will cause mind confusion, stress, health issues, and fear. This mind-state is often referred to as "monkey-mind". How often have you told yourself or others "sorry I haven't got time"? Remember that "time" is man-made and that it doesn't exist in your version of heaven!

 It is very important therefore that one remembers just how to meditate. By loving yourself enough to give yourself at least 6 minutes of your time each day, and by setting aside this time for yourself, thus making it sacred time for just you and you alone, can be the start of great things to come. For meditation will bring you focus, happiness, peace, love, joy, greater health experiences, and this will change your life so much so that you can flourish more abundantly, enjoy a sharper and clearer mind, and pass this state of being onto others just by your presence with them.

Everyone and everything in your life can therefore benefit from meditation!




How Do I Meditate?

There are various basic rules for beginning a meditation.


NB: Please be aware that if you are starting meditation for the first time it is advisable for you to follow the below guided meditation techniques with a friend or experienced teacher. It is not unusual to feel very light-headed for a short while after completing a meditation if unsufficiently grounded. It is also therefore advisable that you do not take part in any activity immediately following a meditation which requires your full concentration ( ie driving etc) until you are fully satisfied that you are fully grounded enough. Meditation can be very beneficial and practice makes more perfect, but owing to the nature of being in a higher state of mind, if not fully grounded may leave you feeling not fully on this planet! Pay particular attention to point 5 below and make sure that you fully understand it before proceeding with the meditation technique.

1. Set up your sacred space. This is somewhere you can go, where you will not be disturbed by other people, telephones, computers, television, or anything. This place should be a sanctuary of peace and somewhere that you can really relax and unwind. It can be anywhere that you choose.

 Prepare your sacred space if you wish to by the addition of clean air (open a window to allow stale air to pass through), light candles or pretty lights, burn insense or use an oil burner to infuse the air with peaceful fragrances, play sweet relaxing or meditational music. Place a nice bunch of flowers in the room. Affirm either to yourself or out loud that this room is your healing sanctuary and that you wish all that you do in it will be for the highest good only. Also affirm either to yourself or out loud that you wish ONLY to connect with the highest Guides/Angels/Lords/Masters available to you at this moment in time and know it to be so. Ask your higher self to protect and guide you whilst you go about your meditation.

2. Ensure that you are comfortable. Wear loose fitting clothing. Take plenty of fresh water with you remembering to drink plently of it before, during, and after the meditation if practicable. Sit either in an upright chair, or flat on a bed or on the floor. You do NOT have to sit cross legged unless you wish to do so. Which ever way you prefer to rest please be aware of your posture ensuring that your spine is straight.

3. Breathe. Try to breathe so that the full capacity of the lungs is used when breathing in and breathing out. It is very important to fill the lungs with as much clean air as possible carefully ensuring that all stale air is exhaled. This will not only revitalise you but it will serve to help release any blockage that you body has to its energy flow. Try and visualise breathing in the light of the sun which fills your aura with bright Sun energy, and breathing out any darkness or problem that resides within you. Keep up this steady even flow of breathing like this until it becomes second nature. Become one with your breath so that you are aware of its rhythm, but try not to concentrate too hard on it.

4. Close your eyes. Do not concern yourself with any thoughts. See yourself looking within your mind. Try not to engage in any mind chatter or conversation. If your mind is busy with chatter, see yourself shouting forcefully "PEACE, BE STILL!!" Feel the chat stop to reveal silence, just like entering a room full of people shouting at each other and telling them to be quiet. If there are any thoughts passing through your mind just observce them, do not get involved in them. See them floating by like clouds until they pass out of sight.

 5. Feel your feet or spine planted firmly in the ground, as if planted very deeply in the Earth. This is your grounding. Visualise roots flowing out of the soles of your feet or spine going deep into the Earths core anchoring you to your present reality. See this connection as an "earthing cable" which will allow you to bring Divine knowledge back down to Earth. There are many methods of grounding and you are guided to use whichever works for you. You can also call upon the Archangel Sandalphon to assist you with this process. Grounding is very important in order that you dont feel light headed or "not with it" once you have finished the meditation.

6. Feel yourself totally surrounded in a bright white light or shell. Know that nothing can penetrate this shell which is your protection. Ask your Guardian Angels to help, guide, and protect you. Affirm that you only wish to experience the best and most highest guidance available to you during your meditation. Know that you will be protected by the love of your guides. Know it to be so without reservation. Call upon Archangel Michael to assist you with this experience if you feel drawn. See this warrior Archangels and his band of mercy surround you with love and ultimate protection. Protection is very important to ensire that you experience the highest of experiences as is your Divine right.

7.Feel as though that your third eye (the indigo Chakra to be found between your eyes) is being stimulated and opening up. Do not try to force it, but just quietly observe any images or colours that come to you

8. Visualise a tube of white light opening up from your Crown Chakra in the top of your head which is gradually being built upwards. This is your connection to your higher self and God. This is your Antakarana.When you are sure that it has been completed ask your guides to take you up through your Antakarana to a level which is appropriate for you at this moment in time. Feel yourself gradually being taken out of your body up into the light tube. Know that you are fully grounded during this process and that you may return at any time you wish.

9. Experience, observe, and feel whilst you are being taken to any place that your Angels wish to take and meet you. Remember that you Angels lovingly protect you during the whole experience. Take as much time as you wish to be in the peace of this experience

10. When you feel ready affirm to your Angels that you wish to return into your body and ask them to return you safely down your Antakarana and back into your body.

11. Once back inside your body,know that you are grounded and when you feel ready to, gradually open your eyes and focus on a particular point in the room. Gently reassociate yourself with your surroundings. If you feel light headed start to wiggle your toes, ask Archangel Sandalphon to totally ground you. Sit peacefully until you feel ready to stand up.

12. Drink plenty of fresh water.


 Please note. The above is merely an example of a meditation technique which covers all the basics that you need to know in order to meditate safely. It is recommended that for the very first few times that you meditate that you find an experienced partner or teacher to meditate with who can accompany you through the process and guide you where necessary. Please trust yourself and your loving guides to do whatever you wish to experience.

 There are many many examples of meditation that you can do with the above basic rules being common to all. Rest assured that your guides and I wish you to experience only the very best experience and we wish you well on your new path of self discovery.

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