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What's it all about?

 The human brain is like a computer, and like a computer it needs to be fed with the correct data to enable it to work efficiently, and kept protected from viruses or currupt data. If the brain computer is not programmed with positive data, or is fed with corrupt data, then it will cause the physical, mental, and emotional experience to malfunction. Malfunction can lead to increased negativity, depression, illness, or even death. It is therefore extremely important that the brain is fed with nothing but truthful, positive, loving and harmonous information to maximise the best experience possible. Remember the Universal Law of Attraction.

 It is very easy to bombard the brain, sometimes without consciously realising it, with a constant stream of negative information and experience, so much so that a kind of addiction to it can often result. This is like keeping that person stuck in a wheel of self perpetuating negativity that only serves to imprison that person in a state of negativity. For example, reading or watching (bad) news every day, being around a negative individual who constantly puts themselves, others or you down, taking mind bending drugs or alcohol, involving oneself in crime or other negative experience, not comunicating positively about self or others.

 There are a number of different ways in which the brain receives negative programming;

1. The self

2. Other persons

3. Environment

4. Possessions

5. Past and present experiences

6. Drugs and alcohol

7. Personal rituals and habits

8. Any combination of the above

How Does NLP Affect my Experience?
Please refer to our page on the Universal Law of Attraction. It is our belief that if you communicate or think in certain ways then you may attract to you what you focus on. If you focus on being a victim, or never having enough of anything, or being unhealthy, then this is what you will attract more of into your life.
Act now, reassess your thoughts and actions, and co-create the reality that you do desire.


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