I AM Healing With Angels


Vibrational Healing & Ascension



 For those of you that do not yet know me, I AM Archangel Michael. I AM an aspect of the Divine and I AM often depicted as the warrior Angel, or protector. Indeed I AM, overseeing the protection of the Universe, including all that is contained within it, ensuring that the Creators Divine plan is uninterupted by any rogue forces that may wish to alter it in any way.

 It is the Creators Divine plan that you, as humanity, enjoy your experience on the Earh plane uninterupted by the same rogue forces that exist, but let me vanquish any fears that you may hold that may lead you to believe that you will perish or falter, or indeed fail in your own existence on Earth. We in the higher planes of existence will not let this happen. As the Creator loves each of us, we love you too. We being the Angelic Realms, Ascended Realms, Guides, friends, loved ones, call us what you will.

 Call on us, call on me anytime to come to you. You will not take us away from any "more important" task. We long for your calling.

 I ask but this, love yourself and love one another completely. Love is the greatest strength that I can see present in each and every Soul incarnate. In some it lies dormant, in others it shines like a beacon of light visible across the whole Universe. Make it your mission to shine your light onto the lights of others, so that your light amplifies theirs.

 Beloved beings of light, fear is your greatest enemy. Fear can be rooted deep within you at times, and on most occasions it has been planted from an early age and not of your doing. Be willing now to root out this inner evil, send in your Angelic gardeners to assist you. These roots are symbolic of the negative belief systems often found amongst you, and the worst of them is the root of anti love. Be it anti love for self or others, but it all stems from the self. These roots CAN and WILL be uprooted if you wish it.

 We are always within ear shot of your calling. Do not feel afraid to call upon us ever. We will always come to you. You will not always hear, see, or sense us, as for some of you it is not yet appropriate for you to see us in this way. If you wish it it will happen in Divine time. For those that do notice us, we are the breath of fresh air that wafts upon you, the sudden feeling of love and warmth in your heart, the feather or bird you see before you.

 If you wish to call upon me, repeat this..."Archangel Michael I ask you to come to me now. Archangel Michael, lend me your Angelic armour of absolute protection so that I may feel secure in all ways. Lend me your helmet of Divine strength so that only thoughts of courage may be present within me, your blue flame sword so all fears may be kept at bay, and your Divine light of love, so that my own light may radiate unhindered. I ask this in the name of God, under the Law of Grace. Let it then be so, so mote it be".

 I love you.