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Psychic Readings

 A psychic reading is usually a one to one (or group) meeting between a psychic reader (for example Clairvoyant/ Healer/ Sensitive/ Empath) and a client where the person giving the reading will provide the seeker with information or healing based on what the reader feels or is provided with by their psychic Guidance.

 The reading or guidance given can be in the form of many different modes such as Angel Cards, Runes, Tarot Cards, verbal advice, Aura report, for example. It may also be given during the course of any healing given. Whatever the mode of reading sought it should always end up being a healing and never be intended to be used to induce fear in it's target.

 So How Do I Choose a Psychic Reader?

 Always use a fully qualified reputable reader if you can. Don't just listen to your friends who may tell you about someone they have used or heard of, do not be afraid to check them out yourself, contact the psychic, ask them questions about how they work and their methods, seek testimonials, check to see if they are registered with any reputable organisations. But above all GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING AND LISTEN TO YOUR HEART.



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