I AM Healing With Angels


Vibrational Healing & Ascension

Being a person who has been attuned to the O-Sensei Usui linage of natural healing since 2006, I take a very keen interest in all modalities of healing in whatever form they take, and I do my best to experience them where possible. What amazes me the most whenever I encounter these modalities and their practitioners is that not many of them see themselves as healers, yet they offer a modality of healing as treatment?
Healing comes in many forms and whether you are a fully trained Reiki or spiritual healer, or just someone who likes to hold their loved one in times of need (animals, crystals or plants included), this is a form of healing and if given from the heart and with passion it can be said to be from the Divine, because the Divine is love, and love heals.
Let me make it clear, you do not have to be religious, you do not need to be psychic or have special powers, all you need is the right intent to connect to this Divine power and pass it on to others.
It is my personal belief and experience that each one of us has many spiritual Guides in this lifetime and they love nothing better than to help you channel healing to others. This is basically what Reiki and Spiritual healing is, albeit a trained Reiki or Spiritual healer will have more of a connected awareness to their Guide WHILST giving the healing than the lay person. This is not always the case and there are some very connected individuals who have had no training whatsoever, but the one thing that is common to all is positive intent.
So the point I am trying to make here is to lay hands on your loved one's (or others if they consent) and utilise the right positive intent to transmit love/ healing to them. This selfless act of the Divine could be given by simply smiling to a stranger in the street, giving that stranger or elderly neighbour your time to listen to how their day has gone, or you could go the whole hog and book yourself onto the next available Spiritual healing or Reiki Level 1 course. But above all else, make sure you  give that healing/ love to yourselves. Namaste.