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Self Empowerment & Healing

 The ideology behind I AM Healing With Angels is that it is an organisation which is all about empowering an individual to realise their own true power, by providing that individual with the spiritual tools and information required in order to reawaken their own abilities. An awoken individual is then at liberty to progress on their own path of enlightenment at their own pace, by being able to have fuller access to greater knowledge and experience in order to progress even further.

 Why is empowerment needed? Well, it is generally recognised that as human beings we are incarnate on the Earth plane in order to learn, and as we are all at different levels of learning or initiation, we are all at different levels of spiritual advancement, none of which is necessarily wrong, however some may be stuck in a rut, feeling trapped in dark or non-serving ways or thoughts or states of being, experiencing unneccessary levels of pain or negativity which appear to keep that person on a seemingly never ending cycle of destruction. At school, no matter how bright a pupil we may have been or not, we all needed that extra bit of encouragement or instruction in order to show us the light.

 Each soul has freewill which no other being can interfere with. Therefore an individual must choose to receive help and assistance before they can be empowered.




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