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Vibrational Healing & Ascension

You may have heard of the old adage "you are what you eat". You may also have heard about claims made by health institutions that certain foods are good or bad for you including the health giving effects or maladies caused by these foods or drinks and they may even give examples of certain elderly communities of the world attributing their longevity in terms of their ages, and good health down to eating healthily.
It is also my belief from a spiritual perspective, that by eating healthily you are also setting your body up to heal itself, maintain it's energy levels, and by you radiating or being at optimal health will not only inspire others, but your high clean energies can be used for healing others.
Being a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I always advocate eating light healthy meals and drink prior to giving healing or giving Reiki attunements. This "clean" regime would also mean the healer being more sensitive or aware of avoiding immersing themselves in the negative programming of news or media, or the negative acts of self or others generally. By failing to avoid these scenarios could, in my opinion, open the practitioner up to ingesting negativity and altering their own (and in turn others) energies for the worse. Knowledge is a kind of food and the practitioner should be very aware, akin to choosing food, of what they choose to ingest.
I would recommend eating only fresh high vibration foods such as those grown in organic sunny conditions, examples being fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc. Remember these are living organisms with their own life-force that you will be taking on. On the contrary I would advocate avoiding alcohol in excess, red meats, manufactured false foods, any food containing chemicals or additives. Drinking plenty of fresh mineral water is also a must. The body of mostly made up of water and needs water to replenish it's stocks.
Every cell in your body is a living thing with it's own consciousness. These cells are constantly dying and reproducing and it is your duty to nourish them the very best way that you can, so that your body can flourish. These cells store information about you including hormones and experiences. The same can be said of animals. If an animal is killed or suffers pain, or treated inhumanely, then it will store high levels of fear hormones which it will pass onto you if you ingest it, not to mention any other chemicals or hormones the animal has been fed by food producers so that it can be fattened up for the kill. Do you really want to take all of this into your sensitive body?
This article is not intended to cause fear, but I would urge anyone reading this to take stock of their dietary intake, experiment with how certain foods make you feel, or if you are a healer then take stock of your energy levels and healing results. Who knows, by a simple dietary change it may save your life.