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The Violet Flame of Transmutation

 "The Violet Flame goes after the schisms which cause psychological problems that go back to early childhood and previous incarnations and that have established such deep grooves within the consciousness that in fact they have become difficult to shake lifetime after lifetime"- Saint Germain

 The Violet Flame is a very special spiritual healing tool which has been brought forth by God and his Ascended Masters to mankind, in order for us to use it to "clean up our act".

 Up until 20th century only a few chosen persons were initiated to the Violet Flame owing to its very special powerful properties, but ever since, it has been decided to open up its access to every soul owing to its powerful transmutational qualities which can vastly improve quality of life.


 What is The Violet Flame?

 The Violet Flame is a very high frequency Ray which is of the Seventh Ray vibration of spiritual rays. It is governed by the Ascended Masters and Angels of the Seventh Ray, who willingly send the Violet Flame to all whom ask.

 Its actual colour is violet/purple and blazes like an all powerful consuming fire.

 How Does The Violet Flame Work?

 Everything is made up of energy or vibration. When lower energies are resident in matter, such as the human body, or space, then the vibration becomes lower inviting in darkness, illness, or discord. Past negative karmic debt which has too become resident in the human consciousness can also present itself as a lower vibration, which as a result will cause the person to suffer by battling the negative effects in this lifetime from pastlife experiences (such as fear of flying, overeating,undereating, fear etc etc).

 The Violet Flame is a very high frequency vibration of the Seventh Ray of God consciousness, hence, when it it summoned, surrounds or fills the space or body with it, causing an immediate pleasant reaction of shifting the negative energy and consuming it (or transmuting it) back into positive energy. The body or space quite literally stands in the powerful fire of the Violet Flame until all trace of negativity is burned away.

 The Ascended Masters have told us that we are all made up of atoms which are basically minute hollow spheres containing electrons and a nucleus. If you were to imagine a basketball in full size, the centre of which was the nucleus, you still wouldn't be able to see it with the human eye, this is how a minute atom would appear if you could view it under a microscope.

 These atoms, when harbouring negative energy or negative karmic debt are filled with negative energy which causes the body to resonate with a lower vibration. Again the Ascended Masters have said that if you visualise a barrel full of marbles which can all move around freely this would represent the body. If a bucket of molten tar were to be poured into the barrel which would clog up the marbles, eventually solidifying to imprison the marbles, this is virtually what negative energy or karmic debt does to the atoms if not cleansed away.

 The Violet Flame once summoned will fill the inside of the atom with its high vibration energy, thus eradicating the negativity and glue which holds us back. The Violet Flame is so powerful that this doesn't take long, however depending on the amount of low vibration or inground darkness, may take more than one attempt to clear it away. Needless to say though, that the more the Violet Flame is used, it will have very powerful cleansing effects which can immedately help to transform ones life in the most powerful and wonderful way. Mankind now needs this tool, as does the Earth, in order to assist the Earths Ascension process from 2012 and beyond, so that Heaven is brought to Earth.

 This special gift from God, when used will not only bring cleansing and transmutation, but also seek to empower and energise your being, and set it free to evolve quicker, thus bringing a more abundant and happier life to you.




Ascended Master Lady Portia


 How Do We Use The Violet Flame?

  You have been told above of its marvelous uses. It is therefore an invaluable tool for healers and those wishing to heal. It can also be sent to intangible situations that you are aware of which require "cleansing", or Earthly regions where a mass cleansing would benefit, such as where there has been war, disaster, or famine.

 I would recommend anyone contemplating using the Violet Flame for the first time to meditate (see my page on meditation) and to summon the Violet Flame to them, asking their guides to show them the energy by way of introduction, them experiment with what it can do. As long as you use it in Gods name for the highest good you can do no harm with it. Try emersing yourself in it, visualise an actual violet fire and yourself being sat within it, feel it breaking away all of your "glue" or dark patches in your aura, just feel them breaking away, feel it energising you inside and out. If you have a particular personal issue that you would like cleansing, visualise the issue, and see the Violet Flame washing over it, removing it from you, transforming it back to light. See youself and all persons involved as happy and relieved of the burden, and forgive yourself and all persons involved ready to move on.

 These are just some of the uses of this wonderful Flame. As  Reiki healer, it is invaluable to use the Violet Flame to cleanse space before and after a healing. It is also good to involve it within the healing process, asking the guides to bring it in where it is needed. You WILL see powerful results.

 Please note, whenever you have used the Violet Flame, because it is so powerful, it is advisable to ask Archangel Michael to protect you and any persons involved before and after using it. You can do no harm with it as you are using it in Gods name, however by not protecting you are in effect leaving the front door open for darkness to return!

 Ascended Master Saint Germain

 How Do We Summon The Violet Flame?

 Simply "ask"! . However, one of the very powerful ways in which to summon The Violet Flame is to repeat a decree. It is also recommended that you call upon Ascended Masters Lady Portia and Saint Germain whose pictures feature above. These two very powerful Ascended Masters are twin flames and both work with the Violet Flame Energy of Transmutation.

 A decree is a powerful set of positive words which have usually been brought forth from the Ascended Masters which when repeated seek to invite in the Violet Flame energy in the most powerful way. When you repeat the words of the Ascended Masters or Angels, you are actually accessing Gods power and wisdom and directing it for the highest good.

 The following decree has been brought forth by Saint Germain, who is the key player in bringing the Violet Flame to us. Visualise Violet Flames coming up from the ground and totally emersing you;

 " I am a being of Violet Fire, I am the purity God desires!"

 The more you repeat this decree the more you will access the Violet Flame energy. Say it a least 3 times, then gradually increase it to 6, 9, 12, 36, 40, 108 or even 144 times per day. By doing so you are summoning it to you.

 You use the following decree of protection, also invoking Archangel Michael to assist. Visualise a huge tube of white light being placed all around you, and Violet Flame being poured into it covering you totally;

 " Beloved I AM presence bright, around me seal your tube of light,

    From Ascended Master flame, called forth now in Gods own name,

    Let it keep my temple free, from all discord sent to me,

    I am calling forth Violet Fire, to blaze and transmute all desire,

    Keeping on in freedoms name until I am one with the Violet Flame"

 As a word of advice, use the Violet Flame every day, morning, noon, and night to cleanse you. You will feel much better the more you practice with it.

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