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Vibrational Healing & Ascension

 The Spiritual Law of Attraction is probably one of the most important Laws that any Soul needs to master.
 As Divine Creators we each have the ultimate power to create our realities and this Law immediately puts into action what you focus on (or attract).
 It is therefore extremely important that you create what you wish to experience, as oppose to that which does not make you happy. By creating we mean constantly thinking what it is you wish to desire and do this with strong positive emotion, speaking verbally about what it is you want to experience along with the appropriate positive emotion, and living as though these creations have already manifest into your life.
 You will see therefore that it really is a case of be careful what you wish for as the Universe will always give you what you want. The Universe does not listen to affirmations such as "I do not wish to experience hatred in my life" but will attract to you more experience of hatred. Instead you need to focus on attracting more loving experiences in your life by affirming "Thank you for
 Contained in the pages that follow we will attempt to educate the reader on what we consider to be the basics that you need to know with a view to living as a conscious co-creator to that which you truly desire to experience.
 You may have heard the saying "be careful what you wish for". Well in our opinion, the Universal Law of Attraction listens to you and your thoughts and gives you exactly what you want.
 A more detailed explanation of what the Universal Law of Attraction is will be given on our The Universal Laws pages.
 Learn to successfully master this Law and the possibilities are endless.

Teachings of Abraham Hicks

One of the foremost principal spiritual teachers of the Law of Attraction is Abraham-Hicks and I thoroughly recommend anyone to start by seeking out any of the teachings of Abraham to be found freely online or via their numerous books or CD's. Abraham is a group of Divine non-physical beings channelled by Esther Hicks. Whilst in waking trance Esther channels Abraham in front of live audiences around the world who are free to ask Abraham any question. Abraham eloquently answers these questions in what can only be described as spiritual gold by way of example and leading-edge knowledge which, if you value how you feel, should be learned and practised carefully in your every day physical life.
To give you an example of what Abraham teaches you should first ask yourself "do I care how I feel?". If the answer to this is "yes" then you should take a good look at your thoughts and emotions and use Abraham's teachings to direct your thoughts and emotions deliberately in a positive way at all times. The theory being that the Universe listens not to human voices but to vibration emitted by human emotion and thought. Therefore if your vibration matches your wanting then the Law of Attraction will  bring you what you want. So be careful what you focus on!