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Universal Diversity

 How wrong have we been as a so called evolving planet to think that only we were all that there is. The good news is that there are other forms of "life" in the Creators Universe, and just as we are at different levels of ascension, so are they. Here we begin to introduce some of the Universal Star-seeds, of which some of you may be members, present or past!

The Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, and others.

 The Arcturians are probably the most advanced civilisation in the galaxy. They are 5th dimensional Christed beings. These higher beings exist mostly on the spiritual plane subjugated by thought and pure consciousness. The central belief system of the Arcturians are philosophy and healing and compassion for the Universe. The Arcturian civilisation is governed by elders of whom only the most spiritually advanced are included. They are an "alien" race that hail from the blue planet orbiting the red giant star Arcturus which lies in the Bootes constellation. Arcturus orbits at approximately 36 light years from our own solar system.

 Arcturians are loving beings of Light devoted to assisting the Earth and it's present 3rd dimensional Souls to evolve into the 5th Dimension. They work from a position of love and never seek to dominate or take a person away from their free will.
 The entirety of the Arcturian life purpose is, as is ours, for spiritual development. They do not eat like we do, although they do ingest positive forms of energy. They are intellectually acute and one of the most caring races.
 The Arcturians have long served as guardians of Earth.  Protecting us from other civilizations with advanced space 
vehicles.  They long to assist our earthly spiritual development and move us into the 4th dimension and expand our 
spiritual understanding. They guard the Earth in a powerful 5th dimensional star ship called The Athena (amongst other star ships) which is commanded by Newryt. The Arcturians protect Earth from less spiritually advanced alien races that in the past are believed to have interacted with Earth governments and it's people for their own advancement.
 The Arcturians would like you to know that you can connect with them by going into deep thought and projecting your thoughts up into the Earthly ethers where their 5th Dimension forms reside. There are also corridors of Light that can take you to them, and their lightships, and indeed to their star-gate which is thought to be near to Jupiter. By interacting with them and their consciousness can expand yours and bring great healing to the Earth to assist in it's ascension into the 5th dimensional.
The Pleiadians 
 The Pleiadians seeded the Pleiadian star system within this universe before the Earth's sphere transfer became available. They formed a tremendous society. They operate with love. They operate with ideas and ideals that you are totally unfamiliar with. They are a collective energy. The star system of the Pleiades has seven stars. They also work with The Arcturians to assist the earth and it's people spiritually.
The Sirians
  Sirius is the brightest star in the skies that we can see from Earth and can be found to the lower left of Orion. Sirians originate from a double star in the constellation Canis Major, or Orions Dog. There are two Sirian planets called Syrius A and Syrius B. Whereas Sirius A is the brighter of the two planets.

 Sirians appear human and are distant relatives to us, though they are mush more evolved in every way than us. About two million years ago, it is believed that the Syrians began adding some of their own DNA to the genetic material of homosapiens (humans). They helped create the bodies that we have now, so genetically we may be almost identical to them, the main differences being their larger height and more developed brains, plus extended mortality (they live longer). They also have tremendous telepathic and psychic ability. The Syrians work with us etherically helping us to ascend in mind, body, and spirit.

 There are of course other civilisations not as advanced as any of the above, such as the Greys, Reptilians etc. These beings, not necessarily of the Light are no longer allowed to interact with the Earth owing to Karmic and Spiritual forces that prevent them from doing so.


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