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Vibration- Everything is Energy!

 In the Beginning

 "In the beginning was the word, and the word was God". (New Testament). "In the beginning was Brahman with whom was the Word, and the Word was Brahman" (The Hindu Vedas). "And the Lord said 'Let there be Light!',  and there was Light" (Genesis, The Old Testament).

 Sound is the source of all being, and vibration is the basis of our reality. Even religion acknowledges that sound was the basis of all Creation when the first act of creation was the sound of God (vibration) causing the Light to be created and so forth.  The resonance of Gods voice has therefore created the reality that we know on the physical Earth. I shall explain more about resonance later on. If you study any religion you will see that they all agree on one thing and that sound is the basis of all Creation. Knowledge and understanding of sound and vibration is very important as it is one of the keys to healing.

 The Greek mathematician Pythagoras existed in about 6BC and he taught his edepts not only about mathematical knowedge, but also about using sound as a power to heal and transform. He believed that the sounds of the Heavenly Bodies (or planets) as they moved around the Universe could be realised and these sounds were translated into vibrating strings, and his adepts were taught how to use this form of vibration to heal. Thus was born music!

 Tibetan Buddhists, as well as other religions, use music and chant to heal, as can be demonstrated with the use of OM, which when chanted at the correct frequency can heal tremendously. Music as we know it today can be very healing depending on it's vibration and intent, and most people no matter how spiritual listen to music and instantly feel better about themselves (or worse depending on the vibration or intent). A good example of resonance can be demonstrated with the type of music that you listen to, including other peoples voices, again I will talk about resonance in a short while, but if you expose yourself to higher or lower vibrations for periods of time then you will ultimately resonate with those vibrations exposed to. This can often be the cause of disease.


 Sound travels in a waveform and is just as powerful as the Ocean. Waves, like sea waves, have pitch and depth and are measured in cycles per second. The scale used to measure cycles per second are called Hertz, or Hz. This measurement is called frequency of sound. Slow moving sounds are bass like and vibrate at the slowest vibration, whereas faster moving sounds are higher in pitch and vibrate at greater speed. The lowest note on a piano vibrates at about 27.5Hz, whereas the highest note on a piano vibrates at about 4,186Hz. Human ears can consciously hear from about 16Hz up to about 16,000Hz depending on age and state of health. Younger persons can possibly hear up to about 18,000Hz or higher. Dolphins can hear and transfer sound vibration up to about 180,000Hz.


 Everything that vibrates has it's own frequency, or state of harmony. An example of resonance could be where the singer who reaches a high pitch in their voice shatters a glass, because they have matched the frequency of the glass. If you should strike a tuning fork and place another of the same frequency next to it then the struck fork will cause the unstruck fork to sound as it is resonating on the same frequency.

 All things in the Universe resonate on their own distinct and individual frequency. This includes the human body and it's organs, mental, emotional, etheric, and spiritual bodies. Imagine a finely tuned orchestra playing harmoniously together, and then all of a sudden one of the instruments breaks a string or bow and plays out of tune, imagine the dishamony that this could cause. The same could be said when a human body contracts a dis-ease because of a an enforced changed in it's vibration. The skilled healer will sense this disharmony and attempt to repair it.

 A Reiki healer will use a higher vibrational force to attempt to create harmony in a persons energy field by calling upon Universal Life Force Energy to be applied to the client. This energy vibrates at very high frequencies. Another method of healing is to use Sound Healing. This can take the form of using high vibration sounds, which are available in CD form and are available from accomplished sound healers such as Jonathan Goldman http://www.healingsounds.com/ and more can be found on the subject in his book "Chakra Frequencies, Tantra of Sound" by Jonathan and Andi Goldman, upon which most of the information that this article is based upon can be found.


 Cymatics are the waveform phenomena. It comes from the Greek word "Kyma" meaning waves, and was used to describe the studies of Dr Hans Jenny in Switzerland who took many different materials and subjected them to sound vibration, and then examined them under a microscope to determine if there was any change to their biological make up. He found that they changed shape from being scattered to uniform shapes.


 Another important aspect of sound is called Entrainment. Christian Huygens a Dutch scientist found that when he had a room full of grandfather clocks all with their pendulums ticking at different rhythems, he left them overnight to return the next day to find that they were all ticking in exactly the same speed and rhythem and were all entrained in the rhythem of the largest most dominent grandfather clock.


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